“Remaking Digital Futures” — BDFI Panel

How will dig­i­tal tech­nol­o­gy dis­rupt tra­di­tion­al pat­terns of inno­va­tion? Dis­cuss and explore at our sym­po­sium on 19 Jan #Dis­ruptIn­no­va­tion #Dri­veTech­nol­o­gy Please reg­is­ter https://t.co/hjxx3RIii4 @Dsimeo @susanjhalford @JeremyS1 pic.twitter.com/2vCVoo0mmt — Bris­tol Dig­i­tal Futures Insti­tute (@DigiFutures) Decem­ber 22, 2021 Next up Pan­el 1 for #digifutures22 “Remak­ing Dig­i­tal Futures” pic.twitter.com/fysLukHG83 — Bris­tol Dig­i­tal Futures Insti­tute (@DigiFutures) Jan­u­ary 19, 2022 Pan­elist on […]

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IX Magazine: (un)making democracy

👉(Un)making democ­ra­cy👈Incred­i­bly impor­tant ques­tions being asked of (dig­i­tal) democ­ra­cy and the shap­ing forces from/on tech in the lat­est @interactionsMag issue. Hum­bled by the impec­ca­ble work from @UpFromTheCracks and @suchetaghoshal as guest edi­tors. /n pic.twitter.com/gzED8wTjer — Alex Tay­lor (@alxndrt) Novem­ber 19, 2021 […]

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Video: Ecological Reparation & Blockchain Food Imaginaries

Under what techno­sci­en­tif­ic con­di­tions might the scarci­ty of food be under­stood as con­tin­gent on het­ero­ge­neous actors? And how might the pos­si­bil­i­ties of food abun­dance be approached as a repar­a­tive project of valu­ing their man­i­fold rela­tions? Blockchain promis­es to be an infra­struc­ture that presents both pro­duc­tive imag­i­nar­ies and also chal­lenges to such restora­tive and sus­tain­able work (Sei­dler et […]

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IX Magazine: Engaging Race

Engag­ing Race in HCI –Yet anoth­er issue that we’re so very proud of at @interactionsMag. We owe a very spe­cial thanks to Christi­na Har­ring­ton @adapperprof, as guest edi­tor, and to our gen­er­ous authors who made such impor­tant con­tri­bu­tions.https://t.co/PonAzuIgH7 pic.twitter.com/truxXil4aH — Alex Tay­lor (@alxndrt) Sep­tem­ber 16, 2021 […]

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Workshop CSCW 2021: Global Labours of AI and Data Intensive Systems

Excit­ed to announce #CSCW2021 work­shop: “Glob­al Labours of AI and Data Inten­sive Sys­tems”.Will pro­vide oppor­tu­ni­ties to dis­cuss hid­den labours behind AI + set the stage for crit­i­cal modes of inquiry. Texts, pic­to­ri­als, tik-tok vids, etc. due 15 Sep.See: https://t.co/EsVXAAGhPX pic.twitter.com/YJlrKHSF7A — Alex Tay­lor (@alxndrt) August 16, 2021 […]

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Panel talk: Prototyping AI ethics futures—Rights, access and refusal

Pan­el talk at 1:00pm–2:30pm, 23 June 2021 (BST), in asso­ci­a­tion with Ada Lovelace Insti­tute, The British Acad­e­my and The Arts and Human­i­ties Research coun­cil. Join us this Wednes­day 23th at 1pm BST for [email protected] pan­el on “Rights, Access and Refusal” with @crystaljjlee @alxndrt and @maramills. Response from @sarahchander and chaired by @anthroptimist and @_louhicky https://t.co/3UUdNNzOsf […]

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CSCW 2021 conference paper

A CSCW con­fer­ence paper from this year. Abstract Pri­or work on AI-enabled assis­tive tech­nol­o­gy (AT) for peo­ple with visu­al impair­ments (VI) has treat­ed nav­i­ga­tion large­ly as an inde­pen­dent activ­i­ty. Con­se­quent­ly, much effort has focused on pro­vid­ing indi­vid­ual users with wayfind­ing details about the envi­ron­ment, includ­ing infor­ma­tion on dis­tances, prox­im­i­ty, obsta­cles, and land­marks. How­ev­er, inde­pen­dence is also […]

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CHI 2021 conference papers

Two papers at the CHI con­fer­ence this year. Abstract The rela­tion­ships that con­sti­tute the glob­al indus­tri­al food sys­tem tend towards two dom­i­nant val­ues that are cre­at­ing unsus­tain­able social and envi­ron­men­tal inequal­i­ties. The first is a human-cen­tered per­spec­tive on food that priv­i­leges humans over all oth­er species. The sec­ond is a view of food as a commodity […]

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IX Magazine: Global Mobilities

We’ve been steer­ing the ship at @interactionsMag for just over a year. For me this mon­th’s issue engag­ing w/ #glob­al­mo­bil­i­ties is one of the most excit­ing results.  Con­tent expos­es the fric­tions & com­pli­ca­tions in labour­ing on, design­ing and liv­ing w/ tech­nol­o­gy, glob­al­ly. pic.twitter.com/4KRUTeR5Vs — Alex Tay­lor (@alxndrt) March 8, 2021 […]

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IX Magazine: AI Activism

— AI ACTIVISM —Jan/Feb issue of @interactionsMag offers a dif­fer­ent cut through the omnipresent AI. Dia­logues and stand­points from @iissarayu & @SmritiParsheera; @mireillemoret & @vdignum, @jennifer_e_lee, @megyoung0, @_pmkr & @MikeKatell; and @xeeliz. https://t.co/056qbhC5ry pic.twitter.com/vOfzaAVJgD — Alex Tay­lor (@alxndrt) Jan­u­ary 5, 2021 […]

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Talk: The Capacities of Interaction

The @cityuni_hcid sem­i­nar series has been reboot­ed, with sem­i­nars now being held on the last Thurs­day of the month via Zoom. This month @alxndrt will talk about design­ing assis­tive tech­nolo­gies in ‘The Capac­i­ties of Inter­ac­tion’. Sign up here: https://t.co/UH28xXjnMh #design #HCI pic.twitter.com/JBn0YEkaIZ — Inter­ac­tion Lab (@cinteractionlab) Novem­ber 18, 2020 […]

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