Short note on ‘Objects, Infrastructure and Vocation’

Infra­struc­ture and Voca­tion: Field, Call­ing and Com­pu­ta­tion in Ecol­o­gy A bril­liant CHI paper by Steven Jack­son and Sarah Bar­brow. How many papers pre­sent­ed at CHI cite St. Augus­tine of Hip­po and, to boot, suc­ceed in draw­ing out rel­e­vant reflec­tions on sci­en­tif­ic mod­el­ling tools in ecol­o­gy. See­ing ecol­o­gy through the lens of both infra­struc­ture and the ‘voca­tion­al call­ing’ pro­vides a […]

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On always already

The phrase “always already” is, in the main, attrib­uted to the post­struc­tural­ist philoso­pher Jaques Der­ri­da. It has, how­ev­er, come to be a trope for the new mate­ri­al­ists and it is in this usage that I mod­est­ly take it on. Specif­i­cal­ly, my guid­ing sources are from the fem­i­nist techno­science schol­ars Don­na Har­away and Karen Barad, both of whom make heavy use of the phrase to trou­ble the binaries […]

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