Eyes Free’ In-Car Assistance (2013)

Eyes Free’ In-Car Assist­ance (2013)

This paper exam­ines routine fam­ily car jour­neys, look­ing spe­cific­ally at how pas­sen­gers assist dur­ing a mobile tele­phone call while the drivers address the com­pet­ing demands of hand­ling the vehicle, inter­act­ing with vari­ous arte­facts and con­trols in the cab­in, and engage in co-located and remote con­ver­sa­tions while nav­ig­at­ing through busy city roads. Based on an ana­lys­is of video frag­ments, we see how drivers and child pas­sen­gers form their con­ver­sa­tions and requests around the call so as to be mean­ing­ful and paced to the demands, know­ledge and abil­it­ies of their co- occu­pants, and how the con­di­tions of the road and emer­gent traffic are ori­ented to and nego­ti­ated in the con­text of the social inter­ac­tion that they exist along­side. The study provides implic­a­tions for the design of car-based col­lab­or­at­ive media and con­siders how hands- and eyes- free nat­ur­al inter­faces could be tailored to the com­plex­ity of activ­it­ies in the car and on the road.

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