Cycling on up

I’ve been con­tin­u­ing with my exper­i­men­ta­tions and thoughts on cycling, and in par­tic­u­lar extend­ing my reflec­tions on my first ‘Boris Bike’ jour­ney record­ed in 2014 (see this chap­ter). There’ll hope­ful­ly be more to come in the com­ing months that tie togeth­er the space-times I tra­versed with oth­er records and dif­fer­ent accounts.

A video cap­tured using the now defunct Auto­g­ra­ph­er. It cap­tures me pur­pose­ly cycling beyond the usu­al routes mapped by the rental bikes. from the Aber­feldy Street dock­ing sta­tion out through Newham to Green Street, along The Greenway/Northern Out­fall Sew­er, and then back to Bow.

Table of bike jour­neys on 3 Oct 2014. My jour­ney from Aber­feldy Street to Bow is highlighted.
My entry in table of bike dataGraph of bike hires per day in 2014. Oct 3, the day of my jour­ney is high­light­ed in green.

Graph of num­ber of rides against dura­tion on 3 Oct. My jour­ney was 45, high­light­ed in green.

My heart rate vari­abil­i­ty (HRV) over the course of the bike ride.

1851 Cen­sus record of Plais­tow house­holds, includ­ing house­hold of Eliz­a­beth Frances Ireland.

High­light of Eliz­a­beth Frances Ire­land in 1851 Cen­sus record of Plais­tow households.

Esti­mat­ed loca­tion of Prospect Fram, where Eliz­a­beth Frances Ire­land’s home is record­ed in the 1851 Cen­sus — inter­sect­ing with my cycle route.

One Eliz­a­beth Frances Ire­land, ben­e­fi­cia­ry claimant to the Wood­stock Plan­ta­tion, St Ann, Jamaica, award­ed com­pen­sa­tion for enslaved peo­ple (see Lega­cies of British Slave-own­er­ship archive).

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