“Earthwide projects” at Shifting Borderlands, Aarhus 2015

I was delight­ed to par­tic­i­pate in last mon­th’s “Shift­ing Bor­der­lands” work­shop at the decen­ni­al Aarhus Con­fer­ence: Crit­i­cal Alter­na­tives . What an inspir­ing and mem­o­rable event! My sin­cer­est thanks to the organ­is­ers, Sil­via, Marisa, Lucian, Hrönn and Carl.
The posi­tion papers—from a won­der­ful mix of people—are all online here. My own text was a short but ram­bling piece on some still under­de­vel­oped ideas. I’ve been try­ing to think a lit­tle more crit­i­cal­ly about my role as a aca­d­e­mi­cian and a Microsoft researcher. Pre­dictably, in com­bi­na­tion, the roles raise all sorts of ques­tions and fric­tions for me. Increas­ing­ly, I’ve direct­ed my efforts at think­ing about the worlds I’ve helped to enact and ask­ing whether they are kinds of worlds that I would want to live in.
It’s hard to put it bet­ter than Don­na Haraway:

My piece, “Impact and Count­ing”, is avail­able here.

Har­away, D. (1988). Sit­u­at­ed knowl­edges: The sci­ence ques­tion in fem­i­nism and the priv­i­lege of par­tial per­spec­tive. Fem­i­nist stud­ies, 14(3): 579.

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