Published Data and life on the street

We’ve pub­lished a short com­men­tary on the Teni­son Road project in the new Big Data & Soci­ety jour­nal. Down­load it here (open access).
Tay­lor, A. S., Lind­ley, S., Regan, T., & Sweeney, D. (2014). Data and life on the street. Big Data & Soci­ety, 1(2).

Abstract: What does the abun­dance of data and pro­lif­er­a­tion of data-mak­ing meth­ods mean for the ordi­nary per­son, the per­son on the street? And, what could they come to mean? In this paper, we present an overview of a year-long project to exam­ine just such ques­tions and com­pli­cate, in some ways, what it is to ask them. The project is a col­lec­tive exer­cise in which we – a mix­ture of social sci­en­tists, design­ers and mak­ers – and those liv­ing and work­ing on one street in Cam­bridge (UK), Teni­son Road, are work­ing to think through how data might be mate­ri­alised and come to mat­ter. The project aims to bet­ter under­stand the speci­fici­ties and con­tin­gen­cies that arise when data is pro­duced and used in place. Mid-way through the project, we use this com­men­tary to give some back­ground to the work and detail one or two of the trou­bles we have encoun­tered in putting local­ly rel­e­vant data to work. We also touch on a method­olog­i­cal stand­point we are work­ing our way into and through, one that we hope com­pli­cates the sep­a­ra­tions between sub­ject and object in data-mak­ing and opens up pos­si­bil­i­ties for a gen­er­a­tive refig­ur­ing of the man­i­fold relations.

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