Video: Ecological Reparation & Blockchain Food Imaginaries

Under what techno­sci­en­tif­ic con­di­tions might the scarci­ty of food be under­stood as con­tin­gent on het­ero­ge­neous actors? And how might the pos­si­bil­i­ties of food abun­dance be approached as a repar­a­tive project of valu­ing their man­i­fold rela­tions? Blockchain promis­es to be an infra­struc­ture that presents both pro­duc­tive imag­i­nar­ies and also chal­lenges to such restora­tive and sus­tain­able work (Sei­dler et al 2017; Rozas et al, 2018).

In a series of work­shops, we crit­i­cal­ly exper­i­ment­ed with these pos­si­bil­i­ties and chal­lenges. Work­ing with diverse par­tic­i­pants includ­ing com­mu­ni­ty grow­ers, organ­is­ers, artists, and tech­nol­o­gists  we used a vari­ety of play­ful meth­ods to act out fic­tion­al sce­nar­ios set in 2025, when all of Lon­don had been trans­formed into a city farm. For organ­i­sa­tions and par­tic­i­pants, repa­ra­tion meant work­ing in the after­math of social and envi­ron­men­tal col­lapse to bring into being more-than-human-val­ue sys­tems that rad­i­cal­ly decen­tred human knowl­edge and experience.